A Better Man Than Me

100-word story

The beggar sat in the shade outside the 7-Eleven. He wore ragged jeans and worn-out sandals. His toenails were split, his skin caked with dirt and grime. 

His shirt read Money. There was a ragged hole where the O had been.

I looked down, mumbled a prayer of thanks for my good fortune, and opened the door.

A group of teenagers wearing headphones and carrying skateboards shoved past me. Desperate for Red Bulls and candy, I guess.

I staggered then found my balance.

A finger tapped my shoulder. The beggar, holding my iPhone.

“Hey brother,” he said. “You dropped this.”

A Better Man Than Me was published in Friday Flash Fiction last Friday, September 24th, along with many other fine stories.

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Photo by Li Lin on Unsplash