Water Cooler Talk

50-word story

Dinesh caught on after my third trip to the water cooler.
“Drink a bit last night?” He grinned.
“Enough I sang karaoke with Rip and Sandy.” 
Dinesh raised an eyebrow. 
Dock of the Bay.”
“Good song.” 
“Rip said I sounded like Bob Dylan. Then he said, 'I can’t stand Dylan.’”

Years and years ago, when we were both students at UC Davis, my friend Ripan really did offer up that comment in response to my rendition of Otis Redding’s classic in a bar in Needles, California.

I invented the rest of the story to set up Rip’s review. I still can’t sing very well, but I recently performed this song at a karaoke bar in Oaxaca.

Maybe I should say the audience survived me singing…

Photo by João Marinho on Unsplash