Why I Am Here and What Took So Long

100-word story

My new friend had questions. The bar’s terrace had a fine view, the night was warm, and I had answers.
“Why did you choose Oaxaca?”
“I spent a few days here on a trip ten years ago and loved it. I meant to come back sooner…”
“What took so long?”
“It’s complicated. I was in Alaska…”
“You like the cold?”
“So there was a woman.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah.”
“That’s not complicated.”
“It seemed plenty complicated at the time. I got a great kid out of the deal, though.”
“Ah, so the delay was worth it.”

Parts of the conversation in this 100-word story took place, and parts of it didn’t. I’ve been having lots of conversations about why I chose to move to Oaxaca, so I elaborated on the truth a bit to get up to 100 words.

As for the world’s best kid, she’s in Alaska, pondering where she wants to spend the winter. Here are two other stories she’s inspired:

Dad 2.0 (100-word story)

Raven and the Mango Roadtrip (serial flash fiction—I am working on expanding this story to a novel—read more about that project here).

Exciting News! A short story of mine, The Only Thing That Has Changed in 500 Years, was published at Spillwords.com yesterday. Though I borrowed many real-life details when writing the story, none of the conversations described in it took place.

Templo Santo Domingo from the terrace at Bar Sur a Norte. Photo by the author.