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All the flash fiction (and flash nonfiction and...) as of August 2021

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Below is a list of all the flash fiction published on Jim’s Shorts. I’ve also collected poems, prose poems, and other pieces that slip between the cracks here.

Raven and the Mango Roadtrip (a flash-fiction series)

Tuskers, Ping Pong, and Spears (flash travel memoir)

Miracle Oven (micro-nonfiction)

Warranty Issue (flash fiction)

My Water Has Always Been Loneliness (flash memoir)

I Will Not Do That Thing With My Tongue (flash nonfiction)

Heartfelt Conversations with My Dog Nili (humor)

A Lovely Walk With Nili (flash nonfiction)

Hyenas and Ammo Cans (prose poem)

This Is Why I Learned to Scuba Dive (flash travel memoir)

How to Miss Someone (flash fiction)

Mama Bear’s: The Bar I Loved Best (flash nonfiction)

Let Me Show You Around My New Town (prose poem)

The Green, Green Grass of Home (prose poem)

Advertisement for Inclusion in a Study (satire)

How to Ruin a Relationship (Journal, Don’t Communicate)

Ideas, Waves, and Mud (experimental writing prompt)

Pitzootz Means Explosion in Hebrew (free verse poem)

Air-Ground Combat Center (free verse poem)

Nothing But Static (free verse poem)

Living Eastly (free verse poem)

Spoon Shape (free verse poem)

The American Dream Will Cost You Your Life (nonfiction/travel/colonialism)


More of my flash fiction…

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