All the Hundreds

My 100-word stories (52 of them as of August 17,2021)

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This post collects all of my 100-word stories published to date.

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Are You Drunk Enough to Tell Me the Truth?

In the Eye of the Storm

Facing the Facts of Life

Missed Opportunity

My Brother Ran Through the Riot Singing

Job Security

Birthday Boy

Church and State

Thursday Morning Coming Down

Dad 2.0

The Bus Driver

Who Freezes a Canned Ham?

Xanax and Legumes

Karl Thinks of Bears

The End of the World, According to the Moon

Invisible Friends

Bus Stations on the Equator

Dekel’s Eyelashes

Mayan Colors

My Friend Bror

New Dreams, Reasons Unknown

One Girl’s Reaction

The First Time We Tried to Name Our Band

Working Capital


Enlarging My Reduced Life

Don’t Call Me Heavy

The Leaning Cabin

A Small, Flame-Colored Bird

Three Bats and the Moon (a short story with 10 chapters at 100 words each)

Even Up There

Air Crickets, Air Crickets, Air

When You Can’t Afford the Next Round

Back to Work After a Summer Shutdown

Road Trips Where No One’s Looking

The Federal Dream Crumbles to Dust

Riding in the Backseat

The World’s So Full of Places

Mark’s Not Talking Anymore

The Only Way Out is Through

Something Will Always Give Us Away

5 Short Chapters About My Fight Against Mind-F*ckery

Alternative Medicine

The Great Cheddar Debate

Unwelcome Attention

Silence Speaks

A Gift from an Old Man

Why I Am Here and What Took So Long

Pineapple and Mayonnaise

Value Judgement

A Better Man Than Me

Plausible Deniability

Portrait of a Reluctant Hero (10/20/21)

Tamales and Cologne (10/27/21)

The Carnitas Taco Cure (11/3/21)


150 Word Stories:

Fluid Transfer Permit

A Night in Her Shoes

A Horse Named Special Take

All the Fifty-Word Stories

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