Wow, well done.

Powerful relationship Metaphor.

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Great lines " I hate that moose." and “But she’s, she’s…female.” You built such a full picture of these two interesting characters, April and Zach. I love them and would read a novel about how they live. I was sorry to hear that Zach had scarcely seen more than April's cleavage in a long time. She is tough! And contentious. She wants what she wants. I admire her. And he has more work to do than he can face, but just gets on with it. Nice work, as always, Jim! So entertaining.

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audrey could use a kick in the ass since she's been in writing SLUMP... so if miss sharron would enjoy a piece written by mi amigo and fellow warrior... i say give it shot.

after all, i'm thinkin' there might be three words i could rustle up with a little help from my #FRIENDSintheTRENCHES2023?



[and thank you, miss sharron... #chicksthatreadandwriterule2023]

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Mar 15Liked by Jim Latham

That turned out so good! As the prompter and an owner of solar panels, I can approve of Zach's choice (I'm just going to pretend he has a cow permit)

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dammit, latham~

great writing but offing ginger [she/her] to save the fucking solar panel?


vegetarian [except for carpaccio]

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That was really good. Poor Ginger though.

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Yes, I have checked out her publication. I 'd like her to meet Jimmy Doom, if she hasn't already. I could envision some delightfully bizarre collaboration there.

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