Sitemap - 2020 - Jim's Shorts

Thursday Morning Coming Down

To Help Someone

Dad 2.0

Church and State

Biscuits and Sun Shower

Postcard/Tarjeta Postal

The Bus Driver

Silence Speaks

Date Night

A Horse Named Special Take

Nothin' Besides Good Milk

Living Eastly

Advertisement for Inclusion in a Study

Election Result

Ideas, Waves, and Mud

Broken Heart Shaped Box

All the Hundreds

Birthday Boy

Last Night’s Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad Dream

Let Me Show You Around My New Town

Mermaid Palms

Greener Pastures

Better Late Than Never?

Traveling Beachside Blues

Job Security

All The Fifties

A Night in Her Shoes

Somebody Tell Me

How to Miss Someone

Run Next to Me

Bacon Sandwiches

Eight Blocks From Here to Home

Shorty's Whore

Expectation Management

Alaskan Thigh Highs

I Will Not Do That Thing With My Tongue

The Frog in the Pot

In the Woodshop

Free Advice

Hammer and Nails

Delusions of Grandeur


What the Sisters Saw

Dog Saves Man From Lonely Death

Lucy's Dad

Mama Bear's: The Bar I Loved Best

Heartfelt Conversations with Nili

Missed Opportunity

No Plan

The Bartender Says, ‘Hey We Don’t Serve Robots’

Fumbling in the Dark

Water Has Always Been My Loneliness

Facing the Facts of Life

My Brother Ran Through the Riot Singing

Your Mom and Dad Are Trying to Save Kittles

My Raven Daughter Whispers Me a Dream in the Silent City

In the Eye of the Storm

Keeping My Iguanas to Myself

While Walking I Saw the Daylit Moon

Are You Drunk Enough to Tell Me the Truth?

The Green, Green Grass of Home

She Asks Me, What Color Are My Eyes?

How to Ruin a Relationship: Journal, Don’t Communicate

Pitzootz Means Explosion in Hebrew

No Doubt About It: The Bear Was Stalking Her

A Lovely Walk in the Park with Nili

Air-Ground Combat Center

The Only Porch Under the Only Awning

The Only Thing That Has Changed in 500 Years

The American Dream Costs Your Life

Everything You Were Not Supposed to Be

Hyenas and Ammo Cans

No Wine in the House Now

Nothing But Static

Jet Is Not My Horse

How My Daugther Succeeded Where Marie Kondo Failed

Spoon Shape